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“ The most important period of life is not the age of university studies but the period from birth to the age of six … for that is the time when intelligence itself, his greatest implement is being formed. ”
~ Dr. Maria Montessori ~

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Offering: Half-Day & Full-Day Montessori program Classes and full day Preschool program daycare
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Welcome to North Fleetwood Montessori School

Welcome to North Fleetwood Montessori School. We are a Montessori school located directly across from the Fleetwood Library and Community Centre in Surrey, B.C. We have been providing a quality Montessori educational program to the Fleetwood community since 2012.
North Fleetwood Montessori School offers a three-year full day and half day Montessori program for children between two and half to five years of age, an enriched Montessori program and full day daycare. We provide children with a nurturing educational environment, which fosters respect and care for others allowing the children to reach their full potential and create a solid educational foundation at an early age.

Inspired by the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori our mission is to provide the highest quality educational environment in which to meet the physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs of the children. Focusing on social, emotional and academic growth, as we believe these three components combined create a well-rounded child. At North Fleetwood Montessori School each child is treated with respect, kindness and love, allowing the child the freedom to explore the classroom without any limitations and restrictions.

What parents are saying about NFM

" After a year at North Fleetwood Montessori I have seen a lot of improvement in my 3 year old son's social interactive and motor skills. He loves all the special trips to the library and visits from a music teacher. Ms. Nita and Ms. Tanya are both great teachers who are very patient and caring towards their students. I would recommend the North Fleetwood Montessori to any parent! "
" I am very impressed at the skills and independence our daughter has learned during her time at North Fleetwood Montessori. I believe her time there has prepared her well for Kindergarten.
The atmosphere at the school is welcoming and friendly. The teachers are calm and caring. When I observed the classroom the students seemed happy and relaxed. The school is clean and they emphasize good hygiene and frequent hand washing, which is very important in a setting with small children.
My overall impression is that North Fleetwood Montessori is a great preschool. I have recommended it to friends and will continue to do so. "
Melissa D
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